моя квартира


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My family and I live in Novomoskovsk the Tula area. We live in the street the World. Our house - a new nine-floor building. Our apartment is on the seventh floor In our house there is a lift and a refuse chute. In our apartment there are 3 rooms: a drawing room, a bedroom and a nursery; kitchen, a toilet with a bathroom and, a corridor and кладовку, two balconies. Metric area of an apartment 87 м., with height of ceilings 2,80м.

<![if !vml]><![endif]>The drawing room a room is enough big. On walls yellow wall-papers are pasted.

On a floor the carpet lays. In a drawing room to a room there is an element of division. In a room there is a wall, two armchairs, a sofa and a journal small round table. In a wall there is a TV. A ceiling tension, glossy, beige color. On a ceiling the crystal luster hangs. At a window the tulle and yellow curtains hang snow-white. In a drawing room we welcome visitors, we arrange holidays.

<![if !vml]><![endif]> In a bedroom of my parents there is a double bed with stands a wardrobe and a toilet small table with a mirror. A ceiling tension, glossy, white color. On walls beige wall-papers are pasted, on a floor the carpet lays. On curbstones night fixtures cost. On against a bed of parents on a locker there is a TV. I like a room of parents, it very light and cosy, my parents like to spend time in the evening in the room

I have my own room which refers to as a nursery. It is very convenient, and I love it very much. In my room pink wall-papers, a ceiling tension, glossy, faintly pink color are pasted. There is a sofa, a table with a lamp on it, a wardrobe, an armchair and a locker in my room. On a floor the carpet lays. In my room there is a bookcase where textbooks lay, books, disks. I like to listen to music, therefore in my room there is a musical center

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On mood I like to sit behind a computer which is in a corner of a room which costs on a computer table.

Also in my room there is a TV, I like to look different films, concerts. I love when to me friends where we discuss different films come, sometimes we do lessons.

On kitchen in our apartment too it is cosy, on walls cheerful wall-papers making up appetite are pasted. Many colors cost at a window. On a floor the tile lays. On kitchen there is a kitchen set, a refrigerator.

We have the refrigerator and a microwave in kitchen. From kitchen at us an output on a balcony which is upholstered plastic white color. There mums has made a greenhouse.

In a bathroom near to a bath there is a washing machine, on a wall the big mirror hangs. The bathroom is laid out with a floor up to a ceiling an orange tile. A ceiling pendant.

We have all convenience in our apartment. We have gas, a central heating, hot and cold water. We also have some modem electric devices. They do our more convenient life.

In a corridor we have made a vestibule, in it cases of a compartment where we put outer clothing, footwear and many other things are built in

We also a lot of home appliances, without it now are impossible. For example very easily also it is quickly possible to be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner in an apartment, it washes and soaks up dust and a dust.

To our family it is greater help. A dishwasher quickly and purely помоетutensils of any kind, for a short time interval. Especially very much greater support to my mum.

Now it should not waste time and forces. The Washing machine in general gains all family. It will wash any thing, and will dry up linen.

Now it is not necessary to mum to spend energy and forces, to waste time till some hours, to wash linen. The Washing machine even makes easy глажкуlinen. It is very convenient.

We love our apartment very much. It very conveniently and conveniently. It is so pleasant to arrive here in the evening after the working day.

“There is no place as the house ”. Englishmen speak. And I agree with this statement. Certainly, "home" not only an apartment or the house, but also and and people who live there and an atmosphere of love, friendship and mutual understanding which is so dear to us.